This website
is not broken

It was inspired by print design

Guy licking a lollipop.
Think inside the fold.

Websites are beginning to look the same. This is not a problem. Consistency helps users. If website visitors had to learn how to use a website, they’d likely leave.

But this website is not broken. It is an experiment created by Ash Blankenship on a Saturday night. It is built using the Relume library and was inspired by a print magazine design. It was built in Webflow. The fonts are Inter and Roboto Serif.

Too often we get caught up in routine. But it's okay to be weird. To think outside the box. Or to think inside the fold as I did here.

Inspiration comes in many forms. Typography is king. Love is never ending when you love yourself. Mother nature is kind, why aren't we kind back?

Learn to sit alone in a room with no distractions for a minimum of 20 minutes. You'll learn a lot about yourself. You'll be inspired to sit more often. Think. Don't think. The decision is up to you. Be bold and create. Build outside the realm of possibility.

The purpose of this website is to show that we can imagine something different. Something weird. And make it beautiful and playful and creative. When we create with intent, we're not showing off, we're merely imagining something different.

A lollipop lays on the ground with ants.